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V2X Communication Technology!

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V2X communication technology is one of the fastest growing segments of the telecommunication and automotive industries today. With revenue forecasts of more than $35 billion in 2020, and 47 million vehicles equipped with V2X modules, now is the time to establish yourself in the V2X communication industry.

What is V2X technology?

Vehicle to everything enables vehicles to communicate through on-board modules, road sensors and towers. There are several aspects including vehicle-to-vehicle (v2v), vehicle-to-infrastructure (v2i), vehicle-to-grid (v2g), vehicle-to-people (v2p) and others. Companies are now developing and testing V2X computer chips and modules for vehicles. These chips will work with secure, wireless, technologies such as wifi, blue-tooth, and a government-backed 802.11p Wi-Fi standard called Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments, or WAVE, which enables data exchange between vehicles and the roadside infrastructure that operates in the 5.9 GHz band of the wireless spectrum.

V2X technologies will reduce accidents, reduce fuel consumption and provide infotainment in your vehicle. All of the major chip makers, auto manufacturers and communication companies are racing to make this technology a reality. The telematics and autonomous vehicle markets will be the next big thing, so plan your marketing strategy now!

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"V2X is a form of technology that allows vehicles to communicate with moving parts of the traffic system around them. V2X, or connected-vehicle-to-everything communication, has several components. One of them is V2V, or vehicle to vehicle, which allows vehicles to communicate one another." -